Seagull Mimosa 10% Healing Cream

Mimosa 10% Healing Cream helps to remove the redness and reduce the inflammations after topical burns and laser treatments. It can also accelerate skin repairing process.

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• Healing the damaged skin

• Repairs the skin after electrolysis, depilation, laser treatments and micro-derm abrasion

• Removes burning and redness caused by topical burns and sunburns

• Controlling bacterial and fungal growth in damaged skin

• Fragrance-free

30 ml

• 10% Mimosa Root Extract

• Cottonseed Oil

• Sucralfate

• Copper Sulfate

• Zinc Oxide

• Allantoin

• Vitamin E


Use Mimosa 10% Healing Cream every 4 hours on clean, dry skin, after the scar has dried up. Continue using until complete healing.

This product speeds the physiological process of skin tissue repair. Its correct use, reduces scar tissue and keloid. Multiple reports have cited the positive effects of this product on chicken pox scars, breastfeeding marks, stitches and other scars. 

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